STRONGPA project

As a continuation of TFMRO project (2015-2017), the STRONGPa project (2022-2024) evaluates the efficiency of several strengthening techniques.

The main objective is to offer to people or authorities strengthening solutions specific to “paianta” houses, validated through experimental tests which simulate the walls subjected to the seismic load. The methods aim to help maintain the value of this type of traditional house within the cultural identity of our country.
After the experimental campaign in which walls, connections and component materials will be tested to check each method proposed, a comparison will be made among all the proposed and tested methods, in terms of effectiveness, cost and also easiness to apply. The comparison will be done also with reference to previous projects related to the topic, but also other researchers’ (international) results.
Besides the experimental program for the scientific scope of the project, one “Paianta” wall will be built without any strengthening and tested in laboratory. After the test, a workshop will be organized with volunteers, and they will help us apply a strengthening solution on the damaged wall, and after that it will be tested again to check the effectiveness of the solution. The strengthening solution will be determined after our experimental program, but also taking into account the feedback from volunteers to actually check the easiness of its application.
A guideline will be written, and published into a book, with all the conclusions of the project, so the interested parts can choose, depending on their budget and expertise, a suitable solution for strengthening a “paianta” house.

The project is financially supported by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CNCS – UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2021-1428 – Experimental Demonstrative Project (UEFISCDI Romania), budget 130 000 euro, 2022-2024”