Papers published within StrongPa project:

[1] Dutu, A.; Niste, M.; Craifaleanu, I.-G.; Gingirof, M. Construction Techniques and Detailing for Romanian Paiantă Houses: An Engineering Perspective. Sustainability 202315, 1344. (link)

Books and book chapters published within StrongPa project:

[1] Dutu, A., & Yamazaki, Y. (2024). Seismic Resistance of Vernacular Timber Frames with Infills: Case Studies from Japan and Romania (1st ed.). CRC Press. (link)

[2] Dutu, A., Iordachescu, A., Mocanu, D., Soveja, L. (2023). Seismic Isolation Applications in Romania. In: Cimellaro, G.P. (eds) Seismic Isolation, Energy Dissipation and Active Vibration Control of Structures. WCSI 2022. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 309. Springer, Cham.

Papers published within TFMRO project:


[1] Duţu A., Sakata H., Yamazaki Y., Shindo T.,(2016). “Influence of an AFRP retrofit solution when applied to timber framed masonry panels”, Proceedings of World Conference of Timber Engineering, WCTE 2016, August 22-25, Vienna (pdf –  Contribution980_a_final)

[2] Dima D.I., Duţu A., (2016). ” Traditional buildings with timber frame and various infills in Romania”, Proceedings of World Conference of Timber Engineering, WCTE 2016, August 22-25, Vienna (pdf – Dima, Dutu_ID745)

[3] Duţu A., Sakata H., Yamazaki Y.,(2017). ”Comparison between different types of connections and their influence on timber frames with masonry infill structures’ seismic behavior”, 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 16WCEE 2017, Santiago Chile, January 9th to 13th 2017 (pdf – 951)

[4] Duțu A, Dima D.I.,  Bulimar E.G., (2017). ”Materials and techniques for traditional Romanian residential houses”,  3rd International Conference on Protection of Historical Constructions
12 – 15 july 2017 . Lisbon | Portugal (pdf – PROHITECH2017_Full_Paper_71)

[5] Bulimar E., Dutu A., Dima D.I., Ietan R., (2017). “Seismic analysis of timber frames with infills in Romania”, 4th International Conference on Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures, SHatis’17, 19-22 September 2017. Istanbul, Turkey

[6] Poletti E., Dutu A., Ruggieri N., Vieux-Champagne F., (2017). “Historic timber frame structures: a comparison of different constructive systems and their resistance to seismic actions”, th International Conference on Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures, SHatis’17, 19-22 September 2017. Istanbul, Turkey

Other type of dissemination:


[1] A preliminary report on the project was presented at the JSSI seminar in Bucharest (October 2016), and can be found here:

TFMRO project – A. Dutu- Young researchers – JSSI seminar in Bucharest on seismic isolation

[2] Presentation of the project in Institute of Engineering Mechanics, Heibei, China (June 2017)

[3] Presentation of the project in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (June 2017)

[4] Supervision of the Master thesis of Francesco Parrise, student in University of Minho, Portugal (2019): Numerical modelling of the seismic performance of Romanian traditional timber-framed buildings pdf






Papers published in the past, related to TFMRO project’s subject:

Journal Publications

[1] Duţu, A., Ferreira, J. G., Guerreiro, L., Branco, F., Goncalves, A. (2012) “Timbered masonry for earthquake resistance in Europe”, Materiales de Construcción, Vol. 62, 308, 615-628, October-December

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 [4] Qu Z., Dutu A., Zhong J., and Sun J. (2014) “Seismic Damage of Masonry Infilled Timber Houses in the 2013 M7.0 Lushan Earthquake in China”, Earthquake Spectra, In-Press.

 [5] Dutu, A., Sakata, H., Yamazaki, Y., and Shindo, T. (2015). “In-Plane Behavior of Timber Frames with Masonry Infills under Static Cyclic Loading.” J. Struct. Eng., 10.1061/(ASCE)ST.1943-541X.0001405, 04015140

Conference Papers

[6] Dutu A., Ferreira J. G., Goncalves A. M., (2012) “The behaviour of timber framed masonry panels in quasi-static cyclic testing”, 9th International Conference on Urban Earthquake Engineering/ 4th Asia Conference on Earthquake Engineering, March 6-8, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

 [7] Kobayashi S., Shindo T., Dutu A.,  Sakata H., Yamazaki Y., (2014) “Structural Assessment of Timber Framed Masonry Structures (Part 3): Analytical Study on Mechanical behavior of Timber Framed Masonry Wall”, AIJ Annual Confere

nce, 11-14 September, Kobe, Japan

 [8] Dutu A., Shindo T., Sakata H., Yamazaki Y.,  (2014) “Structural Assessment of Timber Framed Masonry Structures (Part 4): Retrofit Solution using Aramid Fiber Reinforced Polymers (AFRP)”, AIJ Annual Conference, 11-14 September, Kobe, Japan

 [9] Duţu A., Sakata H., Yamazaki Y., (2014). “Experimental study on timber-framed masonry structures” Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Historic Earthquake-Resistant Timber Frames in the Mediterranean Region H.Ea.R.T.2013, November 4-5, 2013, University of Calabria, ITALY, in print by Springer